Dear valued customers (or guests),

Create Tours has recently launched a new service of sightseeing taxi tours to elevate your Kyoto traveling experience. This private taxi tour will allow you to visit Kyoto’s sightseeing sites, restaurants and activuities which are scattered throughout the city.

Instead of exploring the city via public transport, a chartered taxi carries you from one location to the next — hassle free!
This plan is recommended for those who would like a full, immersive city tour coupled with their wedding plans.

Arriving promptly at the departure point, your chartered taxi is ready to take you anywhere you desire. We will coordinate a route according to your request, and of course, don’t hesitate to ask our knowledgeable drivers about the city!  

Considering distancing and health concerns that come with travelling, this plan is perfect for a private, safe travel!

Please contact us for any questions about our service!

Create-tours Ltd.