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Enjoy a luxurious time in Kyoto, the timeless,
ancient capital of Japan.

Luxe stay in Kyoto

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At Create Tours, we produce and arrange a variety of travel plans
from sight-seeing and activities to
wedding ceremonies and pre-wedding photo sessions.





Experience the seasons by its distinct sound, fragrance, taste and scenery.
We cherish every encounter with our customers with warm and gracious hospitality.
Let us arrange invaluable experiences in Kyoto, a city of rich history and culture.

Temples and 

Temples & Shrines

Kyoto, the timeless, ancient capital of Japan, boasts a rich history and culture lasting more than a thousand years.
In a town surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers,
In a place where people are bustling — leading their everyday lives,
Many shrines and temples registered as World Heritage Sites abide.
In the ancient capital coexisting serenely with nature, encounter its rich and elegant history.



Kyoto’s food culture — famed for using an abundant source of fresh, local ingredients.
From kaiseki cuisine and shojin cuisine, traditional, multicourse dinner and Buddhist cuisine, respectively, to Kyoto cuisine, traditional home cooking, all are prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The sensible presentation of Kyoto cuisine and its exquisite taste accentuates its culinary art.
Whether it is Western or Japanese cuisine, enjoy a savory food experience with your loved ones in a special restaurant.



We arrange various travel experiences focusing on Kyoto’s traditional crafts and the natural atmosphere of Kyoto.
Please come take a closer look to observe the mastered skills of Kyoto’s traditional craftsmen who have been the backbone of Kyoto’s traditional art for centuries.
Surely, you will enjoy this Kyoto Travel that is truly apart from the ordinary.


During your stay in Kyoto, do you wish to have a wedding ceremony at a shrine/temple or have a photo session dressed in traditional kimono?
Make Kyoto an even more special destination for you.

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Please enjoy your trip in Kyoto.

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Company information

We strive to deliver reliable and an exceptional customer experience


Shinji UmekiPresident and CEO

Ever since learning the fundamentals of hospitality at a first-class hotel in Kyoto, Shinji Umeki has been promoting and developing Kyoto’s tourism industry and wedding culture for over 30 years. As a representative of group company, Create-Wedding Inc., he has produced many wedding ceremonies at shrines, temples and private facilities. Through his many personal connections in his hometown of Kyoto, he has also coordinated countless sight-seeing experiences for his customers. After receiving many requests from customers, he established the travel company, Create-Tours, Inc.


Hiroaki TanakaDirector

Hiroaki Tanaka has worked as a tour attendant for domestic and international customers in a travel department of a major airline for many years. During his in-depth work experiences abroad, he took on multiple responsibilities in the field of tourism — including marketing, new project development and management. He was a Guest Relations Chief Coordinator for the US President at the Kyoto State Guest House in the past and has also been engaged in various guest services at international conferences, such as APEC and IMF.

Name Create-Tours Ltd.
Representative Shinji UmekiPresident and CEO
Address 7F-1 Nippo Kyoto Bldg No.1 295-1 Hanjyo-cho, Muromachi Nishi-iru,
Takatsuji-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan 600-8433
Contacts TEL (075) 352-8801
FAX (075) 352-8802
Registration No. Kyoto Prefecture Governor Registered Travel Agency No.3-828
Certified Domestic Travel Services Manager Shinji Umeki